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Simulation Snack Barbecue Pillow

Simulation Snack Barbecue Pillow

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Name: Simulation BBQ Food Pillow
Orleans chicken drumsticks, grilled whole wings, grilled yellow croaker,
Roasted suckling pig, grilled fish, grilled pork chop, grilled knuckle,
Grilled shrimp, grilled saury, grilled sausage, grilled sea bass,
Grilled mackerel, squid, roasted red forest, roasted squid,
Fabric: Printed short plush

Size: grilled hoofed hooves 70cm, grilled sausage 60cm, grilled saury 80cm, grilled squid 70cm, grilled mackerel 70cm, grilled shrimp 60cm, squid 60cm, Orleans chicken leg 70cm, grilled fish section 60cm, grilled sea bass 80cm, grilled yellow croaker 80cm, Grilled pork chop 60cm, roasted whole wings 70cm, roasted red pepper 60cm, roasted suckling pig 80cm, roasted suckling pig 60cm

Filling: PP cotton


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